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Facebook Ads Management: no stress

You’ve got enough to manage without worrying about Facebook ads

With more than 1.2 billion people on Facebook, almost half of who check in multiple times a day, every day, businesses have access to a huge potential market. You know Facebook is where your business needs to be.

Not only is Facebook massively popular, but the information available on its users make it a highly attractive advertising platform. Smart businesses know they need to be using Facebook ads.

Perhaps you’ve tried Facebook ads before and not seen much result. Definitely you’re interested in optimizing your return on investment and hand over your Facebook advertising to an expert, freeing you up to focus on converting your new leads into clients.

Let the experts at Spotlight Social Media Consulting  handle your Facebook advertising with monthly ads management.

Why Facebook Advertising?

We’ve worked with clients large and small across a variety of industries, using Facebook advertising to:

  • Create a new, engaged email list from nothing
  • Dramatically grow email list subscribers and direct these into a sales funnel
  • Fill webinars with the right people
  • Sell in-person courses, workshops and international retreats with smart sales funnels
  • Attract targeted local phone inquiries for local businesses
  • Boost brand awareness and increase Facebook Page ‘likes’ to improve credibility
  • Grow your E-Commerece business
  • Utilize Dynamic Product Ads to retarget traffic
  • Retargeting strategies that are proven and work

The first difference between a successful Facebook ads campaign and a waste of money is having a clear view on what you want to achieve, so that’s where we start.

Facebook Ads strategy

Once you engage Spotlight, you’ll be partnered with, a qualified Facebook Ads manager and conversion specialist who will sit down with you to work out your strategy. We have been running ad campaigns for clients for more than three years and trained by one of the best. Together, we come up with the perfect plan, ensuring our Facebook and Instagram ads focus is specific, focused and effective.

Create your Facebook Ads

Next, we create your Facebook Ads or edit your existing campaigns. We want to ensure your ads jump out at your ideal clients, using images, color and copy that cuts through the clutter and crowd.

We are experts in…


Target your specific people with custom audiences

At Spotlight, we’re slightly obsessed with targeting. We want to ensure your ad dollars are being put to good use and that includes targeting your ad to the specific people who most closely match your ideal client profile. This means smart spending, better click-through rates and higher conversions.

Facebook re-marketing to improve ROI

Facebook re-marketing enables you to target your recent Website, or Shopify visitors and  email subscribers with super-specific ads that accelerate your results. Improve the visibility of your message and offer, serve your ad to people who’ve already demonstrated their interest or familiarity with your business, and ensure that your business and offer stays top-of-mind with your prospects.

Facebook conversion tracking

Conversion tracking takes the guesswork out of Facebook advertising, ensuring you know exactly how much a lead or sale costs. Spotlight sets up and installs your conversion tracking pixels for each ad campaign we manage so you can take control of your marketing budget and lower your ad spend.

Regular monitoring and practical reporting

The peace-of-mind with having a Facebook ads manager on your campaigns means a qualified, experienced Facebook ads expert is regularly monitoring your campaigns, tweaking your targeting and ensuring your ad is performing. Monthly ads management includes a monthly report listing key recommendations to ensure your ads remain relevant and effective.

The Short Story

When you work with Spotlight Social  Media  Consulting you get:

  • Research into your ideal client segment to create your custom audiences
  • Facebook Tracking Pixel added to your website so we can retarget recent web visitors
  • Review and recommendations to improve your email opt-in process and website landing pages
  • Ad image creation
  • Ad copy written or advice on how to write copy (if you’d rather do it yourself)
  • Daily monitoring and tweaking to get the best results possible from your ads
  • Monthly campaign reporting and recommendations.

Packages start from $800

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